About Us


Vivana International  is an innovative company whose aim is to reinvent the perfume together with the customers and reaching this by a competent and friendly customer service and the products of premium quality. Crafting beauty specializes in designing and manufacturing bespoke scented products ranging from personal and home fragrances. Crafting scents clients include fashion designers, lifestyle brands, celebrities and retailers wishing to enter world of fragrances. The epitome of luxury, Vivana International is most esteemed niche perfume and home fragrance distribution company, dedicated to sourcing the most original crafted perfumes and products from around the world, which are compelling, visionary, bringing them to India. The essence of the label is a continuous research to find a balance between craftsmanship and technology, tradition and innovation, past and future believing that master perfumers are made.


With an ethos is founded on niche luxury, Vivana collaborates with brands steeped in history, creating strategies and platforms to launch and manage the brands within India and abroad, increasing their awareness and demand internationally.

’’Like a jewel, the perfume we wear characterizes us and is our signature. It is an extension of our personality’’


Devoted to creating finely blended perfumes with the highest quality of rare and luxurious ingredients sourced from around the world, Vivana brings artistry to perfumery with incomparable distinction. We will be globally known as the leading manufacturer and distributor of perfume and personal care products.

Quality Assurance

Hardly any other accessory is as mysterious as the own perfume. Sprayed onto our skin it melts with our natural body scent to a completely unique note. Fragrant essence and oils for our products are strictly delivered by trusted partners in France ,Italy and India. All our fragrances are tested on allergies and are allergic free.


Your private label under Vivana International which specializes in designing and manufacturing bespoke scented products with all our expertise and endless passion which results in developing a completely unique product which out stands in the market ranging from personal and home fragrance.